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January, 2016
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Any bathroom user, though not expert in architecture nor in construction, can perfectly perceive its finishing quality level, that depends firstly on materials but also on precision and care in their installation. 

Imperfect joints, untreated corners and edges, inaccurate alignments although with minimal deviations affect very much quality perception even in inattentive people. (...)

To increase level of accuracy in finishes installation, and also to ensure greater durability, technology has provided a very wide range of refined finishing products, resulting from years of morphological and material improvements, that allow precise, elegant and durable solutions.

The profiles use, which requires a specific competence, allows to raise the quality of Bathroom Pods to excellence and this is the reason why StercheleGroup®, European leader in the field, has included these products into its standard design and production "best" practice.

The function of the profiles is to connect, protect and decorate various types of coatings: for example their application at the corners protects effectively the most stressed and exposed areas, especially in the single-fired ceramic, extremely fragile if glazed on corners. The profiles also make the edges less dangerous and easier to clean, according to current European safety and health standards. (...)

Profiles application to StercheleGroup® Bathroom pods

The thresholds finishing and protection

During the design and the production of bathroom pods, particular care must be taken to the thresholds, which must be adequately protected to prevent chipping during the production stages following the coatings application (sanitary and furniture installation etc ...), and during the transportation and laying on site.

The following illustration shows the threshold finish of a bathroom pod realized with a Profilpas stainless steel profile mod. CERFIX PROANGLE AI/10. (…)

Profiles application in vertical walls (…)

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