Is there a minimum number of bathroom pods to order?

As a principle, there is no minimum quantity of bathroom pods to be ordered, but the number of bathroom pods to be produced will surely impact on prices but in significant different measure depending on the choice between bathroom pods “by design” or “by catalogue”.

In the common case of bathroom pods “by design”, in fact, it is necessary...

Are there any restrictions in using prefabricated bathroom pods in renovation projects?

Due to its weight and dimensions, a bathroom pod must be placed into its final position by using a crane or special rollers to move it horizontally on the floor.

If the upper floor already exists, and is not to be removed, the bathroom pod can be positioned on an external landing, by means of a crane or a Manitu...

Can the module be installed according to Swedish Safe Water's installation instructions?

Yes, of course. In Sweden, and wherever on demand, Swedish regulations are fully respected and our bathroom pods, both in concrete and with a steel frame construction, are designed in order to fully comply with the Safe Water Regulations.

What is the thickness of walls and basements of Bathroom Pods?

Walls of Concrete Bathroom Pods range from 40mm to 120mm (10 mm step). Lightweight Bathroom Pods with only one panel in the interior face have a fixed thickness of 75 mm while those with two panels are 92 mm thick. In function of installations and of the presence of a "floor level" shower, bases start with a minimum of 50 mm (for bathroom pods with a bath or a shower tray...

What is the module's lowest point; bottom of the module or underlying installations?

Generally the lowest point is the bottom of the pod, which is flat and can be taken as point zero. In some projects, the floor drain can protrude underneath but, in such cases,we provide the pod with feet to protect the drain from damages.

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