Responsibility, warranty, maintenance and assistance

What's the procedure to notify any deviation from the ordered equipment module current content or other deviations from the factory to the project?

We communicate to the customer, before the delivery, any deviation from the project occurred for any reason so that he can make prompt decisions.

How is the handover of responsibility, for the units interior, from the supplier to the project?

When the building has reached a “watertight” condition, a joint inspection is fixed and all pods are opened to check that any of the interior element is missing or damaged. 

Are there specific warranties for Bathroom Pods?

A 10 years warranty is provided for the construction components (including internal waterproofing) and for the structure of the pod.

Warranty for equipments, like heating system, plumbing installations and fixtures (internal components), varies from 2 to 5 years* depending on the warranty provided by individual manufacturers (e.g.: sanitary ware and brassware usually grant 5 years*).

*from order

How are damages / discrepancies detected after the handover?

We grant the remedy of hidden discrepancies up to one year after handover of the building to the Client, i.e. during the so-called “twelve months liability period”. 

What kind of maintenance is required for a Bathroom Pod?

The maintenance operations required for a bathroom pod are the same as for a bathroom built in situ. Anyhow, the literature of each single project includes a maintenance manual, reporting all details about architectural and installation drawings, and technical data sheets of all the components and replaceable fittings and fixtures, together with relevant contact information of their manufacturers.

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