Monday, 23 July, 2018

Ca’ Marcello – Mestre (Venice). During these months an important transformation and urban redevelopment of the area in front of the railway station of Mestre, near Venice, is taking place.

A radical intervention financed by the Austrian group MTK and strongly promoted by the local administration to revive a degraded area and at the same time respond to the ever-growing presence of tourists in Venice.

"A redevelopment plan", says the commissioner De Martin, "linked to the existing roads and infrastructures (...), a great opportunity for the environment, urban planning and construction that enhances an area currently abandoned".

The project, designed by the Architect Luciano Parenti, consists of 4 tourist accommodation facilities and various hotel categories, run by 4 different international hotel chains for a total of 745 rooms with 1900 beds, and 700 square meters of commercial areas.

The Municipality will receive, in terms of public standard compensation, a multi-storey parking with 266 parking spaces for cars, 80 for motorcycles and 11 for buses, which will be made available to the City.

Private investors will realize a further parking, with 253 private parking spaces for cars, 16  motorbike bays and 66 bicycles bays.

The intervention also includes a redevelopment project financed by private investors: an unfenced free square, pedestrian and green areas for a total of 6,000 square meters with direct access to platform 1 of Mestre Railway Station. All spaces outside the hotels will be for public use, and all the related maintenance work will be carried out by the private owners, such as the video surveillance.

The operation for the Municipality amounts to approx. 10 million euros income, of which 6.5 for direct and indirect charges, one million for monetization and 2 million in terms of construction costs. 70 million euros will be invested in the construction site and the hotel business will provide for about 1000 jobs.

The construction of the hotel complex will last approximately 2 years and the opening is scheduled for April 2019.

Among the partecipants hotel chains, there are the Anglo-Irish "Stay City", specialized in aparthotels, the German chain "Leonardo Hotels" (European division of the Israeli group Fattal), with a 4-star superior hotel, and "Plateno", Chinese hotel colossus with over 3,000 hotels in 300 locations around the world,  with the 3-star hotel "7 Days Premium" formula.

The fourth accommodation facility, as hostel, will be managed by the Austrian company Wombat's, a hostel chain for young people, of “City Hostels” group.

StercheleGroup contributed to this work with the production, supply and installation of bathroom pods for the 4 hotels, fulfilling the stylistic and technical requirements of 4 different brands, under the direction of the Architect Luciano Parenti.

StercheleGroup supplied totally 740 lightweight bathroom pods subdivided into 19 different models. Managing such a large variety of typologies, technical requirements and styles in a very short time, has been possible thanks to the high productive flexibility of StercheleGroup.

The use of off-site produced bathroom pods allowed the industrialization of the building process ensuring the best compliance to the expected quality level minimizing the building site complexity.

For a more in-depth look at the Bathroom Pods of Ca 'Marcello hotel complex and for all relevant technical issues, browse the presentation.



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