The first StercheleGroup bathroom pods with sauna for the Lapland Hotel in the largest multifunctional center in Europe ...
Tuesday, 16 July, 2019

Tampere, Finland. The Central Deck Arena is an architectural and urban development project that connects the eastern to the western part of the city through a complex elevated structure built on the railway tracks that currently split the city.

The project, by Libeskind Studio, includes mixed-use interventions, combining entertainment functions, facilities and residences in a new type of urban life unique in the world, bringing people together in an international environment.


The project cornerstone is the largest multi-purpose arena in Europe, the first certified for the environment, that rises right above the existing railway and that act as a hub for all various urban activities.

In the middle there will be a circular ice hockey field, with a capacity of 15,000 spectators, one of the largest and most modern sports fields of its kind on the continent, that will be the home of the ice hockey teams of Tampere Major League: IIves and Tappara.

The arena flexibility will also allow to host concerts, shows, events, conferences, business and cultural meetings, congresses and world-class fairs, bringing over 1 million visitors every year.

The structure will occupy 1/5 of the total site area and will host a Veikkaus casino, commercial activities, conference rooms and offices, bars, restaurants, a wellness center and a Lapland hotel with 285 rooms.



The Hotel, mainly serving the arena's activities, will be built under the responsibility of Lapland Hotels, offering 285 high-level rooms and a wide selection of services, including a restaurant-bar for 350 guests and an essential items shop.

The hotel will be closely connected to the arena: some rooms will in fact have direct and exclusive access to the stands.

285 bathroom pods for hotel bedrooms into 8 types, with top-level finishes and saunas by the specialized company SAUNATALO have been commissioned to StercheleGroup.

In this first phase Sterchelegroup created the sample bathroom pods (on a 1: 1 scale) to allow the figures involved in the design and implementation to verify the expected requirements and agree possible changes and improvements before starting with the final production.





The project also includes 5 towers next to the arena, characterized by a podium for offices surmounted by residential towers, up to 100 m high, for a total of about 1000 apartments. The towers will offer a typically Scandinavian living environment, alongside facilities and public transport connections. Residents will enjoy their winter gardens, terrace gardens and breathtaking views of the lush Tampere, a city surrounded in a region rich in lakes and waterways that permeate the urban environment.


The project has a public-private co-financing formula, increasingly used in Scandinavian countries, which brings more resources and social sharing, allowing great advantages in terms of development, employment and tax revenues.

This investment of 50 million euros, will allow the creation of more than 1000 jobs in Tampere and 2000 throughout Finland, state tax revenues of 131 million euros during the construction period due to the tax effect, and revenue supplement for the city of Tampere of 10 million euros a year once the works will be completed.

The main promoter of the project is SRV Construction Ltd, together with LocalTapiola and the insurance and pension companies of the OP Financial Group, each with the same shareholdings.

The city of Tampere, together with the group of investors, will develop the multi-purpose arena, while investors, on their own, will develop the other components of the project (towers, hotels, offices, commercial premises and parking). The financial issues will be handled by Nordea, OP Tampere, Handelsbanken and LocalTapiola (Enterprise Finance I Ky).

The entire project, including the new residential area of Ranta-Tampella, will be built by steps and will be completed by 2023.

The Central Deck Arena, the first step of the project, will be completed by 2021 through two excerpts: the first, ongoing, will be the construction of the bridge on the southern railway station, on which will be built the arena, a sports field, the hotel and two of the towers, while the second phase will include the construction of the northern bridge and three blocks of residential towers.



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Arena: 48.000 sq.m. 
Buildings: 63.000 sq.m