The magnificent Tampere Deck Arena is now digitized and renamed UROS LIVE

Friday, 24 April, 2020

Tampere – Finland. Works on the massive Central Deck Arena construction site in Tampere are continuing. In the meantime, the management has been enhanced with a prestigious entry: UROS, a technology company based in Finland that develops intelligent connectivity and turnkey IoT solutions for the major telecommunications operators and technological giants of the world, such as AT&T, China Telecom, Qualcomm and Motorola.

Following this entry, the stadium (Arena) changed its name to UROS LIVE confirming the goal to open by the end of 2021.


Commenting on the new partnership, UROS Group Chief Executive Jerry Raatikainen observed, “With this announcement we are excited to share the news of our branching out into the digital experience space, an extension of our commitment to strategically develop smart city solutions.”

“We will bring together stakeholders' events into one platform and harness the power of AI to create new value for all parties in the ecosystem, transforming the event experience, as we know it today. UROS will digitalize the technology enabling factors for service providers and UROS Live in Tampere, Finland, will serve as their first deployment, on a global scale”

Marko Hurme, the Arena CEO, remarked “We are looking forward to working with UROS on a digital platform that will bring together all the services related to the arena experience.”

“There is demand for a versatile arena in our modern world; a world in which people are choosing experiences and services beyond possession. Even in the digital age, people want to meet each other and experience things together. Through the value created by teaming up with UROS, our arena partners will be able to build a more intense and deeply-rooted connection with arena visitors, and bring fan engagement to a new level.”

UROS LIVE will therefore be the first arena in Europe and significantly improve the attractiveness of the city of Tampere and the surrounding Pirkanmaa region.

On site, work continued almost without interruption, respecting the safety protocols adopted by SRV to minimize the risk of contagion: staggered working hours and breaks; strict sanitation of common areas; distance; personal protective equipments and meetings held in teleconference mode.

Deliveries of building materials also followed the new schedule. 95% of StercheleGroup Bathroom Pods have already been delivered and the remaining batch, whose installation is scheduled for July, will be delivered by the end of May because the rescheduling of Sterchelegroup production, due to the reorganization for the SARS-COV- 2, has been faster than that strictly required.

Construction site live view with bathroom pods laid floor by floor.


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