Bathroom Pods Prices

I prezzi delle Cellule Bagno

StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods are realized according to specifications of the project, needs of the site and customer requirements.

For this reason, their price may vary considerably and, therefore, it is not possible to set up a price list. Any offer (always free) will be based on a series of information, which will be requested by the technical commercial office with the help of a specific check list.

Usually, start-up costs of the project and the procedure that leads to the sample pod will pay for itself very well with a number of 15-20 elements to be produced. Whereas for “catalogue” models (normally for industrial use) these costs sum up to nothing because the design is already pre-defined and the sample pod is not necessary.

Price is so always well defined, before the contract, with clearness and completeness of information: it will be guaranteed and will not change until the end of the contract (except for explicit changes requested by the customer after the order).