Projects and Case Histories of StercheleGROUP Bathroom Pods

Applicazioni e Case History
Gallery of our projects, grouped by destinations

The large flexibility of StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods makes them adaptable to extremely different applications although, for each intended use, some choices are quite recurrent.

To make it easier for you to find the application closest to your project, we have grouped together some of the most representative realizations in ten different category, nine of Intended Use (such as hotels, nursing homes and so on) and one of Renovations, which collects the projects focused on renovation, requalification, demolition (or deconstruction) and reconstruction.

For documentation purposes, for each project we have specified technologies and materials used together with technical specific solutions if any.

The most interesting applications in terms of specific technical and productive solutions are presented as Case Histories.

“Textbook” applications, where the processing phases and the construction detail are didactically explained, are presented as Case Studies.

Both Case History and Case Study are marked with a label on the cover.