Lightweight Bathroom pods: dry process

Lightweight Bathroom pods: dry process

Lightweight Bathroom Pods (Model CBL) are composed of a base, in reinforced concrete with a variable thickness framed by C-shaped galvanized steel profiles, and walls and ceiling made of structural steel profiles, s 320, 8/10 mm thick, and adequate thermo/sound insulating gypsum and fibre panels, according to the specific project requirements.

All the piping, needed for electrical and plumbing systems, is laid inside the sandwich panels.

Steel profiles are custom-made by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) forming machine. Covering panels are realized with high-performance materials such as drywall or gypsum fiber.
Base, walls and ceiling are then fixed together through steel self-tapping screws. During the production process Bathroom Pods are steadily subjected to a series of structural and engineering tests.

StercheleGroup® technology is flexible and allows to realize any type of Bathroom Pod, both in layout and in size. Each Bathroom Pod has an external technical duct or an internal compartment service which includes all plant terminations, so allowing easy connections to the building plants and facilitating checks and maintenance.

Lightweight Bathroom Pods of StercheleGroup® may be equipped with doors and windows of different sizes and with any type of finishing. There is no limitation in using all the coatings, sanitary fittings and taps available on the market. Doors and windows can also be produced in thermostatic and anti-vandal version.

StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods are suitable for any intended use thanks to their material and architectural flexibility.
Laying on site is carried out both from above (with a crane, during the laying of the structure) and sideways before the walling (taxiing technique).