Prefabricated Bathroom Pods

Bagni prefabbricati

Over recent years prefabricated bathrooms are spreading rapidly, especially for the benefit of reducing time and complexity of construction for buildings which need a large number of bathrooms, such as: hospitals, hotels, student residences, nursing homes and residences.
Bathrooms have the most complex sanitary installation with a difficult control of production phases. Other application fields are shipbuilding and railways sectors: in fact, here, certifications are much stricter than in the civil field.

Prefabricated bathrooms can be divided in several groups (based on the weight and the method of construction):

Prefabricated bathrooms have reached a high level of quality and finish; for this reason end-users just cannot distinguish them from a traditional bathroom. Instead, an experienced eye notices a series of details that can be realized only with a careful study beforehand. That's why all major hotel international chains have chosen this bath construction technology.
In Italy this method is also becoming increasingly popular, in contrast to other European countries that have been using prefabricated bathrooms for several years (such as United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries and Germany). During Aquila earthquake reconstruction (“C.A.S.E plan” and “M.A.P.”) prefabricated bathrooms have been used almost by every single construction company (also in residential constructions) to respect the time-schedule.

Prefabricated bathrooms must not be confused with mobile chemical toilets often used in construction sites and public events.