StercheleGROUP Bathroom Pods

Le Cellule Bagno di StercheleGroup

StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods are the most evolved form of prefabricated bathrooms. They include the monolithic concrete line (CBM) and a dry lightweight steel panels line (CBL), with the most complete range of claddings, technological plants, sanitary fittings and taps on the market.
StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods are widely used in residential and accommodations buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, student residences, residences and prisons, as well as for office and commercial buildings.
StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods guarantee all the performances like those realized on site, but with all operational and quality advantages of a prefabricated structure: a unique qualified specialist, customized projects for each yard, sample preventive pod, time saving, quality assurance and a greater robustness, improved safety on site, budget assurance, easy maintenance and care for the environment.

Architectural and engineering projects are carried out by the technical office in collaboration with client specialists and in full respect of regulations and standards.

StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods are realized without limitation in the choice of finishing, materials, furnishing and accessories, using only leading brands on market.

The final product is supplied "turnkey" (also for windows/doors and fixed or mobile equipments). The pod is delivered on site with predisposition for connection to centralized systems. If it were necessary (for instance for the large size of a multi-room bathroom pod) the different parts of the bathroom will be assembled directly on site.

Last, but not least, the price will be guaranteed and will not change till the end of the contract (except for explicit changes requested by the customer after the order).