St. Mary School, Ascot (UK)

st. mary-school-ascot

A 64 bed dormitory for St Mary's School, Ascot.

The project is a 64 bed pupil dormitory contained in three 2 storey brick buildings along with a detached  2 storey lecture theatre, a laundry and 4 bedroom and two 2 bedroom staff houses, built around a paved and landscaped courtyard on the existing school campus.

The buildings are a traditional construction of block and brickwork with trussed rafters on the dormitory buildings and house. The lecture theatre is built with RC frame, brick and curtain wall cladding. Each of the dormitory rooms has ensuite facilities which are fabricated off-site and lifted into position as work proceeds. StercheleGroup contributed to the project with the engineering and production of 63 concrete bathroom pods.



United Kingdom