After Dollar Bay and The Madison experiences, StercheleGroup gives its contribution also to the impressive Woking project
Wednesday, 26 June, 2019

Victoria Square redevelopment project in Woking, in London Metropolitan Area, is the first fundamental element of a wide plan for the town, located in a strategic position for those who work in the City and perfect for the development of new residential, accomodation, commercial and public facilities in response to emerging economic and growth initiatives of the city.

The initiative was promoted by the municipality of Woking, which commissioned Native Management to develop the area in view of the arrival of tens of thousands of new residents within the next 10 years.

The construction, managed by Sir Robert McAlpine, a giant in the building sector, on behalf of a joint venture between Woking Borough Council and the owner and investor of the Moyallen Group shopping center, began in September 2017 and is scheduled for completion by 2020.

The Designer is Benoy Architects in temporary joint venture with Direct Access, unique engineering specialized in the removal of architectural barriers for the benefit of disabilities in an innovative and smart way.


The ambitious project involves the construction of 14,500 square meters for commercial use, a 50,000 square meter multi-storey car park and 3 new towers built around two public squares, which will become an important hub for the city.

Two residential towers of 30 and 34 floors respectively, the first in the city of McLaren, will provide 429 high-tech apartments of different sizes, served by concierge, outdoor gardens and common areas for residents, while the third tower will host the new 4-star 23 floors hotel with 196 rooms including 12 suites.


The Woking Hilton, strategically located within walking distance from the train station, less than 30 minutes from London, will play a key role in the redevelopment of the whole area.

The hotel, designed by Gensler, will house a bar on the ground floor, a 24-hour restaurant, an elegant Sky Bar on the 22nd floor and a coffee shop, a gym for the guests, more than 700 square meters of space for corporate meetings and events and a ballroom for 500 people, an Executive Lounge and a business center for business travellers.


In short, as Woking Borough Council Chief David Bittleston said, this is "the realization of a visionary and ambitious investment project providing not only a platform for further investments and opportunities, but also strengthening the position of Woking as an exciting and irresistible place to live, work and invest in. Victoria Square will add a new level of vitality to the city and will further stimulate the city's economic liveliness and future growth prospects ".

StercheleGroup contributed to this great project with the engineering and production of 165 lightweight bathroom pods for the Hilton Hotel, with high-level finishes, already layed on site, and 755 lightweight bathroom pods for the two residential towers.


Bathroom pods on site; residential towers bathroom pod sample

Hilton Hotel bathroom pod sample



Hotel Hilton, Victoria Square, Woking (UK)

Residential Towers, Victoria Square, Woking (UK)